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About Homelessness Hub

We engage in research and education that support impactful solutions to end homelessness.

Homelessness Hub at UC San Diego is an open-access and community-oriented repository dedicated to procuring, maintaining, and promoting data on homelessness in San Diego.

It is our aim to provide data for use by researchers, students, policymakers, elected officials, business leaders, service providers, stakeholders, and community members.

Our vision is to be relevant as a trusted organization recognized for its integrity and quality of research and analysis focused on homelessness. 

Who We Are

Homelessness Hub is the result of both UC San Diego’s longstanding commitment to San Diego’s housing crisis and the synergistic collaboration between the campus’s leaders in Urban Studies and Planning (USP) and Geographic Information Systems (GIS). This initiative complements preceding university projects and programs that strive to understand and support homelessness solutions in and around the county.

Our Guiding Principles and Values

  • We engage in applied, collaborative research that is responsive to community needs and provides critical insight for applied public policy
  • We actively cultivate trust and relationships across silos both on and off campus
  • We partner in authentic ways with people with experience of homelessness
  • We undertake and support campus and community research initiatives that require subject and methodological expertise related to homelessness, housing insecurity, and community-engaged research
  • We develop initiatives and sponsor events that foster conversation and learning on the causes and consequences of homelessness
  • We communicate our research findings to a wide audience of stakeholders 
  • We facilitate the support the professional and personal growth and development of our faculty, staff, and student team members
  • We center equity and inclusion in all of our work