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Data & Maps

Homelessness Hub is committed to making data accessible to community and university partners. Below find links to data layers, maps, blog posts, and other products.

What is GIS, and why is it important?

GIS, or Geographical Information Systems, refers to tools we use to map, view, and analyze spatial data. By combining real-life data and the technology to visualize and organize this data, we are able to better understand the world around us. GIS allows us to:

  • Identify, prioritize, and address problems
  • Understand and forecast trends
  • Analyze relationships between populations and the environment

GIS is especially important when it comes to issues such as housing insecurity and homelessness - with maps we can better understand the impacts of redlining, redistricting, gerrymandering, and other practices that disproportionately affect communities with lesser access and privilege. Historically, the ability to create and dictate the geography of our communities through maps is held by those with power and means. However, with today's GIS - which is both user-friendly and accessible - it is easier than ever for communities to rebuild, replan, and change their environment to what most equitably serves them.


Introduction to Homelessness Hub's GIS and Data projects 

Please find here the presentation given by Homelessness Hub's Data team at the 2023 UC GIS Week, providing an overview of the various types of GIS and Data related projects undertaken by the team.

Privacy Statement

Please review our Privacy Statement, as it pertains to UC San Diego and Homelessness Hub’s use of website user’s data.



Explore our San Diego community through the collection of prepared maps, or make your own using a wide variety of datasets and layers.


Data Bank

Find all of our publicly-available datasets here - streamlined, organized, and ready for use.



Experience a collection of our community members sharing their own stories of housing insecurity and homelessness in the San Diego County.