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Student Involvement

I'm a UC San Diego student! How do I get involved?

Related Coursework

USP 142A. Urban Challenges: Homelessness in San Diego Core Fundamentals (4)

This course introduces students to the complexity of homelessness from multiple perspectives including the homeless population itself, service providers, policymakers, community members, and researchers. In addition to classroom learning, students will have the unique opportunity for experiential, place-based learning off campus. Prerequisites: upper-division standing and department approval.

USP 142B. Urban Challenges: Homelessness in San Diego Fieldwork (6)

In this course, students will deepen and apply their knowledge of policy, research, practice, and diverse perspectives on homelessness. Students will learn and apply different research methodologies as they conduct faculty-supervised fieldwork on different dimensions of the homelessness crisis. Prerequisites: USP 142A and upper-division standing.

Applications Open

We are currently accepting applications for USP142 in winter & spring, 2024. Deadline: Oct 20th or when the class is full

Student Organizations

Table showing student organizations focusing on homelessness




Homeless Health and Empowerment Across Learning (Homeless HEAL) Identify and research the unique health challenges surrounding the San Diego Homeless Community, design an educational curriculum addressing those topics, and teach this information to the homeless clients in monthly presentations led by UCSD students.
Houselessness Service Club at UC San Diego Raise funds for the local houseless community, and build connections with these people, organizations that support them, and the students at UCSD to make this a community relational process.
Mustard Seed Project The Mustard Seed Project’s mission - guided by a “hand up, not hand out” philosophy - is to create a student model that connects unsheltered and low-income individuals to services and programs through outreach, research, and education.
Healing Hands at UCSD Improve the access to healthcare in the homeless and underserved communities and to provide students opportunities with hands-on medical related events around San Diego and inspire and help teach the medically underserved how to advocate for mental health and medical services. The ultimate goal is to create an environment of learning and awareness in our members in order to build a bridge of understanding and assistance towards the homeless and at-risk population.


Partner Organizations with Volunteer Opportunities